Christmas List Competition

Have you already created your Christmas list and shared it with friends and family? Great, then you are already in. On each of the four Sundays before Christmas you have a chance to win a gift from your Christmas list. Find out how it works and how you can improve your chances.


How the competition works

On each of the four Sundays before Christmas, Joey will randomly choose a Christmas list, reserve a wish up to the value of £/$100 and send it to you for Christmas! If you win, you will receive an email with further information. Joey will not tell you which wish he chose, it will still be a surprise.


Prepare your Christmas list

The more people you share your Christmas list with, the better your chances are of winning. Let's say you have shared your list with 20 people. This gives you 20 entries. You also need an unreserved wish of course. So, the bigger your Christmas list is and the more people you share it with, the better your chances are of winning!


Don't cheat

Everyone should have a fair chance to win, so please don't register muliple accounts to improve your chances. If you do, Joey will have to ban you from the competition. To improve your chances of winning fair and square, share your Christmas list with as many friends as you can. The competition is open for residents of the following countries: Austria, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA.

Christmas list gift



If you don't know, what Wish Koala is all about, have a look at our video.


Opinions of Wish Koala users


"What a great idea! No more sending that second toaster to the op-shop"
- Hans-Georg


"Signing up is really quick and easy… totally worth it. I love that I can share my link via Facebook seeing as I don’t really have all my friend’s email addresses"

- Dunia



Mary Ann

"Wish Koala was the perfect solution for gift-giving and receiving. I told my whole family and all my friends about it and they loved it too"
- Mary Ann


"Awesome idea. Great and really easy to use"
- Philipp